About Us

My Undercover Agent is the REALTORS ®  ‘one source’ solution to Google’s information overload. It is a first to market system for REALTORS ® , providing Agents with instant & pertinent location
information & tools needed daily, decreasing research time and increasing Productivity, Customer Satisfaction, Business Development, and Profitability. Allowing them to reach contract sooner and close deals quicker which creates more time for additional business.
For potential home Buyers and Sellers, My Undercover Agent equips their REALTORS ®  with the tools and information to paint a vivid, highly-relevant image of what life is like in a given area. With the platform on any device, REALTORS ®  can generate beautiful, digital customer reports on the spot, tailored to the specific needs and interests of their customer. REALTORS ®  spend less time in the office on area-specific research and more time with customers on what matters most — finding or selling their property even sooner.